THINX Influencer Program

Turning a casual influencer program into a machine.

“They built our influencer model from scratch, and ultimately created a high-performing, revenue-driving program.” – Social Media Manager, THINX.


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Finding the ~right~ partners.

Instead of taking an off-the-shelf approach, Artisan Council formulated an influencer marketing strategy from the ground up based off of THINX’s mission, brand guidelines, existing consumer data and amplified by Artisan Council’s influencer data. The strategy included rigorous segmentation and testing at scale to ensure that THINX fostered relationships with influencer partners that would make the most impact on the brand’s mission, and ultimately launch a new revenue stream for the brand.

Taking it to the next level.

Parallel to this, Artisan Council collaborated with influencers to develop an authentic brand rep program, THINX Leaders. This program spoke to both the client and the influencers to surpass the standard ‘influencer send-out program’. Working with select influencers (who we {and THINX} seriously love) allowed us to create a program that deepened the relationship between brand and influencer. This created true and honest brand advocates, who have grown to become an integral part of the THINX community.

The Results.

In six months, we segmented, tested and personalized our approach to ensure optimized results, which in 6 months drove a 5X ROIS for THINX. We built a well-oiled machine that had THINX, BTWN and Icon Undies in the hands of every on-brand influencer across numerous verticals of influence across the US and beyond.
In addition to this new revenue stream for THINX, Artisan Council achieved increased brand awareness, brand value perception and positioning in the market. Artisan Council implemented its strategy in a segmented, personalized manner with the client’s brand ethos and mission at the forefront, which maintained a human level of authenticity at scale.

Total Reach


Through intensive research, brand immersion, data mining, collaborative strategy development and testing, Artisan Council was able to deliver THINX a 5X ROIS (Return On Influencer Spend) worth of revenue plus additional awareness and engagement for the brand, and create a loyal influencer community at scale who align with the THINX mission.

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