Artisan Council

Jackie Aina Live Shopping Event

Artisan Council’s first adventure into live-shopping was with 2020 top-performing partner, Jackie Aina who hosted a 45-minute live-stream event on YouTube in honor of Sephora's Spring 2020 VIB sale where she chatted through belif's newness, hero products and personal favorites.


higher CTR vs. standard Influencer YouTube videos



total comments

Community excitement leads to conversion

Jackie’s live-shopping event with belif was the first YouTube live she’s ever posted, a huge win for Artisan Council & belif as Jackie has over 3.5M+ YouTube subscribers. The event garnered consisted views & comments, all voicing their excitement to be engaging with Jackie on her largest platform. 

Additionally, Jackie hosted a giveaway during the live to keep viewership consistent, announcing the details at the end of the live event.

The Results

Jackie’s live garnered 72,383 views, 402 total comments, and a 177% higher CTR than standard Mega Influencer YouTube videos, and was kept up as a permanent video on Jackie’s channel. Jackie shared how grateful she was to have worked on the live with belif via Instagram Story shortly after the event, letting her audience know that she’ll definitely be doing it again in the future!


To help drive new customers and conversion during Sephora’s Spring sale event aka VIB, Jackie Aina hosted a dedicated YouTube Live Shopping event to support belif’s newest launches.

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