Artisan Council

belif France Paid Media Campaign

Making a Splash in France for the Holidays

New to the French skincare market, belif engaged Artisan Council to execute an impactful Q4 social media advertising campaign, with the ultimate goal of driving sales through their exclusive retailer, Sephora.


Campaign Impressions


Reduction in CPC


Increase in Sales

Did it make people buy?

Yes, yes it did. Artisan Council’s detailed ad campaign strategy complete with specifically curated target audiences, and superior ad creative (complimented by Facebook) incorporating influencer content, lifestyle and product creative assets, saw incredible results, with sales growing exponentially through the campaign period.

Creative and segmentation was key

Artisan Council integrated influencer marketing and ad strategies to instill confidence in the French consumer that belif meant business. An in-depth optimization plan based on creative and audience performance throughout the campaign was crucial to its huge success.

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