belif TikTok Follower Growth Campaign

Grow Your TikTok Audience: The importance of boosted campaigns on TikTok.

TikTok hit the ground running in the US during 2020, quickly becoming the most popular social media app while most people were stuck at home. Artisan Council began implementing TikTok advertising for belif mid-2021, utilizing the buzz and notability of beauty influencers to create ads specifically for the platform that would drive clicks to purchase products and/or follow the page. In mid/end of September 2021, TikTok released the Engagement Objective. Artisan Council ran multiple belif TikTok growth campaigns with this new objective that over-achieved our projected results.

@belif Quick tip for #dewyskin????#belif #hydration #skincare #skintok #sephora #ulta ♬ original sound - belif


above projected results


increase in followers gained in one month


average CPF


over 150,000 followers gained

@belif “It was never a phase, mom!” #hydration #skincare #skintok #dewyskin #skincareoftiktok ♬ original sound - HEYZ

Engagement Objective Testing.

The Engagement objective, now called Community Interaction, optimized campaigns to gain new followers. These successful campaigns ran for short periods of time, at a four-day average. The campaigns had high budgets and targeted multiple audiences. Some of those audience groups were:

The Broad Audience outperformed the other audiences with a CPF of $0.20.

@belif A little BTS magic????#bts #beforeandafter #instagramvsreality #photography #skincare #skintok #belif ♬ son original - ryadoug

The Results.

The eye-catching and effective content combined with the boosted post ads in these campaigns led users to directly click to belif’s profile and then follow. The content of the video ads were lofi but aesthetically pleasing, while also having humorous text perfect for the TikTok platform. This grabs the users attention, making them laugh and relate to the product in the advertisement. Which results in a follow since they want to see more.

@belif u know what they say: “happy lips, happy day” or something, idk. #lipmask #belif #sephora #skintok ♬ my insta is dairy.quinn - Quinn


Artisan Council’s results of the belif TikTok boosted posts campaigns highlighted how efficient TikTok growth campaigns are for expanding a brand’s presence and attaining new fans, which ultimately leads to more purchases overall.

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belif Multi-Channel Paid Media Campaign


platform campaign


lift in digital sales YoY



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