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EyeBuyDirect Social Media Channel Growth

First-Place Follower Growth

Although it was an extremely turbulent year, EyeBuyDirect’s social media flourished in 2020. Across the two key channels of Instagram and Facebook, EyeBuyDirect significantly outpaced competitors in all growth and engagement metrics despite the hurdles that the year provided. A contributing factor to such extreme growth was an aggressive giveaway strategy acquiring a total of 150K entries, 219K engagements, $239K ROI and 12K+ followers.


Instagram Growth Rate


Competitor Instagram Growth Rate


Facebook Growth Rate


Competitor Facebook Growth Rate

142K+ new Instagram followers and counting

Artisan Council is constantly testing and optimizing on new platform offerings across all channels. Specifically for Instagram, which saw 142K+ new followers in 2020, Artisan Council created an optimized giveaway strategy that consisted of multiple brand giveaways a month. This produced strong, consistent organic growth. These results were amplified with advertising spend to further the reach and, ultimately, growth. With an always-on giveaway strategy, EyeBuyDirect maintains steady growth that far outpaces its competitors.
This strategy was combined with extremely shareable content that would expand the reach of EyeBuyDirect’s existing audience. Through relatable memes, trending pop culture moments, and incorporating popular celebrities into storytelling, EyeBuyDirect’s content was sliding into DMs and making new friends (followers).

A Community-First Approach

On Facebook, Artisan Council gained 269K+ new followers for a yearly growth rate of 107% compared to an average yearly growth rate of 2% for its competitors.
This aggressive growth was achieved through a fine-tuned, low-cost Facebook Like campaign that leveraged EyeBuyDirect’s top engaging content to produce very healthy Cost Per Likes. In addition, testing was continuously done across creative, audiences, copy and more to ensure the campaign was always optimized.
Once these new followers were acquired, Artisan Council employed a highly-engaging content strategy alongside a robust moderation strategy to provide entertainment, value and support to the EyeBuyDirect customer.


Artisan Council grew EyeBuyDirect’s Instagram by 69% (142K+ absolute followers) and Facebook by 107% (269K+ absolute followers) outpacing all competitors through a creative, engaging, and effective social media strategy.

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