Artisan Council.

artisan council. was established by a group of music enthusiasts after discovering a void in the digital music space. with human and music behaviour constantly changing and technology rapidly growing, it was realised that consumer demands were not being met as people were looking for more exciting solutions to fill their music needs. artisan council even in its infancy has already produced apps

that critiques are saying “serves a need that you probably never knew you had” and is working with some of the most forward thinking artists, record labels, and brands about digital solutions for their artists and their fans. artisan council's mission and journey is to create products and solutions that will answer, entertain and satisfy digital music distribution and discovery worthy of today and tomorrow.



App Development
Artisan Council specialize in developing beautiful, easy to use apps that engage, entertain and (most importantly) put your user and audience first. Artisan Council has worked closely with clients to design, develop and market music integrated apps ranging from YouTube Gadgets, Spotify apps and Soundcloud Widgets to stand-alone iOS mobile apps. All of these focus on complimenting brand and user needs that empower and engage audiences. Our client base varies broadly, having built apps for Major Record Labels, Global Industry Bodies, and Influential Youth Brands. Want to know more? Send us an email and let’s talk music.
Community Management
With today’s over saturated social platforms Artisan Council works with you and your community to discover and understand what makes your audience engage and return. We have a proven track record with empowering online communities to creating an environment where the user and fan feels comfortable commenting, sharing and telling their friends about artist, brands, and products. We put personalisation and human interaction first, however we progress would be impossible without the deep analysis we apply to all of Artisan Council's community management activities; User and content testing allows us to stay one-step ahead of the game and ensure that our efforts are targeted, achieving maximum engagement, and not bombarding fans with unwanted content. Artisan Council believes that each community shares a common belief however remains unique to each other, and therefore we treat each community we manage differently.


For further information please contact: Follow us on Spotify